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Design the Experience

The users' experience in using an eLearning solution defines its critical success - Leverage and optimize the use of current, future-proof technologies is the key to this success.

From the very beginning to the biggest dreams, we design the best experience for all kinds of learning needs - through passion, colllaboration, knowledge and innovation.

Mathisi means Learning in Greek - Mathisisoft refers to Learning Solutions. Mathisisoft is focused in supporting organizations to envisage their eLearning strategies into real world solutions that is cost-effective, fast to deploy and easy to manage - Mathisisoft works with your teams in transforming the organizational elearning strategies into real-life solutions by our adaptive methodology, and expertise on project planning – from the initialization of the strategic plans through its entire evolutionary project cycles, supplementing internal teams with Outsourcing and Managed Services.

Experience the Journey

With our professional, dedicated and passionate teams, Mathisisoft's Client Success Manager ensures our adaptive approaches with effective and cost-efficient methodology in Experience the Journey.

Industry Best-Practices

Launching eLearning requires a detailed strategy, teamwork, investment, and more. Mathisisoft analyse the complete cycle of implementing digital learning and explain how to put eLearning into your organisational environment.


There must always be a goal or an objective. If you are reading this, it means that you already realize why your company needs online training. Planning with the correct domain knowledge to transform your idea into a clear objective is the first step to success.

Adaptive Approach

You’ve defined what kind of eLearning tools you need, analysed the eLearning market, and selected the solutions that meet your requirements. Keep in mind that the management of the LMS, building of the organization-specific content; can be outsourced.

Content Development

If your organization’s learning content doesn’t change much over a considerable period of time, you probably decide to outsource eLearning content development. It may also be due to delivering generic content to your employees (soft skills, technology) which is not confidential and poses no threat when shared with outsiders.

Managed Services

An organization can choose to outsource, wholly or partially, the elearning experience in many areas. Many organisations outsourced to external partners in the eLearning journey to complement existing internal teams.


In a dynamic environment, changes to branches, groups, content development may be frequent – requiring frequent changes to system configuration; thus, requiring continuing support from the pool of expertise from the implementation team (with knowledge of both the organisational and system environment).

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